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When you first start KDE, you'll see file folders on your desktop. Among the more important folders are Templates and Autostart (see Figure 3-3).

Figure 3-3. File Folders on the Desktop

To open a folder, single-click on it with your left mouse button.

You can drag and drop applications to the Autostart folder and they will start automatically each time you begin a KDE session.

In the Templates folder, you'll find basic file types that you can drag onto your desktop or into other folders and customize to suit your needs (see Figure 3-4).

Figure 3-4. A View of the Templates Folder

Available templates include:

To use these templates, left-click on your chosen template and drag it to your desktop or into another folder. You can then customize it with the appropriate name and information (right-click, select Properties, and change fields as you choose).

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