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Chapter 3. The KDE Desktop Environment

Like GNOME, the KDE desktop environment is easy to navigate and highly configurable.

This chapter provides an overview of KDE fundamentals. Details, such as configuring your desktop, working with the file manager, and using specific KDE tools, will be covered in later chapters.

For the latest documentation on KDE, visit the project's website:


Using Both GNOME and KDE


Certain applications can be used in both GNOME and KDE. For example, you can use the Gnumeric spreadsheet application in KDE, even though the application is part of the bundled GNOME applications.

An Overview of KDE

The KDE desktop contains applications, launchers, document windows, file folders, and so on.

The long bar across the bottom of the desktop is the panel. The panel contains application launchers, status indicators, and the desktop manager. You can have up to 16 desktops running at the same time in KDE (for more information on this, see the section called Multiple Desktops). The taskbar appears at the top of the desktop and shows your currently running applications.

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