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Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop items in KDE from one area of the desktop to another, drop items in folders or on applications, and move or copy information and applications.

When you drag an item by holding down the left mouse button, then release the button over the desired location, you'll find a menu of actions you can take. You can copy the item into the location (which will preserve the original item), you can move the item to its new location, or you can create a link from the item in its new location to the original item. This last option is somewhat similar to copying; however, when you copy the item, the original item remains unchanged if you modify the copy. When you link an item, any changes you make to the item in one location are reflected in the item at its original location.

You can also drag applications, such as Netscape Navigator, from the desktop and drop them onto the panel, creating a quick launcher. To remove an item from the panel, right-click on the item, and select Remove. Removing an application from the panel will only remove the link and icon, not the actual application.

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