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Downloading Updated Packages

If you have not configured your Retrieval/Installation Settings in the Red Hat Update Agent Configuration Tool to proactively download and install the most recent Red Hat Linux packages, you can download them through the Red Hat Network Web interface.

From the Errata tab, click the errata summary link under the Errata Report. This takes you to a list of packages required to address the errata. Select the packages you wish to download. After choosing the packages you want, Red Hat Network Web interface gives you three options:

  1. Click the Download Now button to immediately download the RPMs.

  2. Click the Download Later button to add the RPMs to Your Download List. RPM packages added to this list can be downloaded by clicking on the Your Download List link in the upper right hand corner of your screen (this link will not appear if you do not have any packages in Your Download List). From Your Download List page, you can download, store, or delete packages from your list.

  3. Click the Queue Delivery button to let Red Hat Network deliver your packages through the Red Hat Update Agent and Red Hat Network Daemon. The next time the daemon connects to Red Hat Network, the queued packages will be downloaded automatically (and installed if preferences set through up2date-config has Do Not Install Packages checked).

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