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Red Hat Network Web Interface

You can use the Red Hat Network Web application to manage up to five Red Hat Linux systems simultaneously. The Red Hat Network Web interface runs in a Web browser, unlike the standalone Red Hat Update Agent.

With the Red Hat Network Web application, you can:

Logging into the Red Hat Network Web Interface

In a Web browser, go to

Figure 12-8. Red Hat Network Web Application

If you have not registered a system yet or you do not have a account, create a new account by clicking on the New User button on the left of the page. If you registered your system with Red Hat Network through the Red Hat Network Registration Client, enter the same user name and password to log in to the Red Hat Network Web interface.

After creating a new account or using your existing account, enter your user name and password at The next screen prompts you to set up a system profile. Click on Profile Your System and the Add System Profile screen will be displayed. Here, you need to enter information about your system as indicated. After you fill in this information, click on Download Digital Certificate to continue.

Continue following instructions and then click on Finish. The Your Network Group screen will appear. Here, you see all of the computers in your network that are registered with Red Hat Network. Click on a System Name to see its current profile.

Figure 12-9. Your System Information

On this same screen, click on Errata to see a list of package updates for your system.

Viewing Notifications

After logging into the Red Hat Network Web interface, click on Main at the top of the navigation bar. Depending on your preferences, this page displays all security alerts, bug fixes, and package enhancements (errata) for all registered systems in your network group.

Click on View All to view the details for the errata related to your network group. You can also view the errata page for your network by clicking on Your Network at the top of the navigation bar and then on the Errata tab.

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